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Four c's Of Diamond Rings

Four c's is an alias for carat, clarity, cut and color of diamond rings. Most of us usually wonder how can we get a fair price if we are almost inexperienced when it comes to purchasing a diamond jewelry. Most of us simply concentrate on the level of quality at the best price. That's probably where knowing the 4 C's may be proved very much useful. So by simply knowing the carat, clarity, cut and color we can always make a very intelligent buying choice for solitaire rings.

The cut of a particular diamond usually takes into deliberation two of its most unique appearance which is usually termed as the make and the shape. The shape of a diamond may vary to a considerable range but most of the people simply love the encircling brilliant cut of the diamond which is also the most common. The round brilliant cut is usually made with around 58 facets which also gives the stone its luminescence. Apart from this princess, radiant and marquise are also honored equally.

Carat, Clarity, Cut and Color

A cut simply displays the craft and the quality of work done on the diamond. Always remember if the construction is better one will always be able to fetch more prices. It resembles to its sparkles and also helps in improving the quality. So a diamonds beautiful quality is thus highlighted by its sparkles.
Solitaire diamonds rings simply don't have to be stunning white in color as it is the light that makes the difference. The fact is that diamonds are really obtained in a wide variety of color. These colors are usually implicit alphabetically ordering from D to X. white and yellow diamonds are usually that are in most demand. So the diamonds that are usually marked with D label would often represent the palest ones. Diamond color of the order E and F may be excellent reflectors and quality.
Any other colors including the blue, red or even green have often been treated as emitters. Clarity is always thought as one of the most significant part of its quality. The clearer the diamond is the more precious it is considered. Clarity represents absence of impurities in the diamond. Most precious of the diamonds may either be perfectly clear of flawless. Flawless diamonds are also considered as precious but may be containing certain blemishes.

Four c's - Conclusion

So, if the diamond is having any enclosure that are visible or less visible to our naked eye such diamonds are usually considered as less valuable as they fall in the lowest grade of value. So, the clearer a diamond is the more precious it is. The carat size of a diamond would simply represent how big or small the diamond is. Usually smaller diamonds are more common and demand in market as diamonds are really expensive.
But when speaking of diamond's cut, clarity and color are always considered as more important. But the size and weight simply impacts what you have to pay for the diamond. So this factor is entire dependent on you, most of the people also measure carats in points. People usually assign 10 points for a one carat diamond. So, by knowing the point's one can usually determine how big or small a diamond is and what would be its price. So, while shopping for a diamond you simply need to keep in mind these 4 C's that would determine the price of a diamond.

Four c's of Diamond Rings


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